Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park



1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Once again, we’ll be “stumping” Norway Maple saplings in our on-going effort to allow other trees and understory plants access to sunlight and nutrients. This “stumping” method, cutting the tree at knee-height, allows later passers-by to easily pull off the side growth that the tree will produce, eventually killing it.

This Sunday, we’ll be working on the Norway Maple saplings near the Spring Street entrance to the Park. Wear sturdy work gloves and bring saws and/or loppers for this work.

And, as usual, thanks so much for your help!

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  1. Dan Long

    Hi folks,

    I was flying my DJI Phantom drone (white quadcopter) at Robbins Farm this afternoon to take some photos of the Boston skyline and I lost contact with it–some sort of technical glitch, I’m afraid. It is programmed to hover in one place in such circumstances and then, when the battery starts to get low, to return to where it took off–but it didn’t. I suspect it either hit a tree or it was so windy it couldn’t get all the way back “home”. The drone’s last reported GPS position was over Menotomy Rocks Park near Bellevue and Morton roads near where the work day activities will be tomorrow. If anyone happens to see it, I’d appreciate a call: 617-721-0919.

    I’ve learned several valuable lessons today: don’t fly when it’s so windy, label the drone with my phone number, and fly in even less densely populated locations than Robbins Farm in case something goes wrong.

    Thanks for keeping an eye out for it,

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