Volunteer Work Day


1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

This weekend we’ll be focusing on Norway Maple saplings – specifically the ones bordering the upper woods trail between the Ottawa/HighHaith and the Shawnee Road entrances.

Since the saplings are between 1” and 3” in diameter and fairly tall and spindly, most will have to be lopped or sawed, rather than uprooted with a weed-wrench. We’ll have a weed-wrench or two for the littler ones, but please bring a saw or loppers if you can. We’ll meet along the upper trail at 1:00.

The method we use to discourage re-growth is to cut the tree at knee-height. Passers-by can then more easily pull off the side growth that the tree will produce, similarly to our near-by project at “Stumphenge.”

Thanks for your help!