Volunteer Work Day

Sunday, September 13th  1:00 – 3:00pm

Please join the Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park for a Volunteer Work Day this Sunday. We’ll be doing a “round-up” of various invasive plants — by walking the main pathways in the Park, starting at the main path as it goes into the woods from the back field — and fanning out from the path to the Park edges looking for burning bush, Norway maples, etc. and pulling the troublemakers out or cutting them back. This is in keeping with a major invasives-control principle: establish a well-defended border and work outward from it.

As usual, wear old clothes and gardening gloves —- and bring loppers, a saw and/or pruners if you have them We’ll have some Weed Wrenches and extra tools if you don’t….

Also – don’t’ forget to stop by the Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park booth at Town Day on Saturday (September 12th). We have lots of “new stuff” to check out.