Park News: March 2002

Hills Pond Wall

This week MJM Masons of Lexington will begin repair on the crumbling park wall around Hills Pond. There will be a construction staging area near the wall that will be marked off with yellow construction tape. The trucks will be coming in from the Jason Street entrance. Please help us keep people and dogs out of this area. The work should take about three weeks and the masons will be working every day except Sunday. The Town workers will be removing the large buttonbush plants that are growing in the wall. At the end of the project, the buttonbushes will be replaced with new plants and cuttings from the old ones.

Please contact Clarissa Rowe at 643-3156 if you have any questions about the wall work.

Earth Day 2002

The maestro of Earth Day, John Pickle, says that more volunteer helpers will be needed to staff the fascinating array of activities that were such a hit last Spring. If volunteer recruitment falls short, John wont be able to organize events for Earth Day 2002. He must make this decision very soon, and you can help by offering to spend a couple of hours in the park on Sunday, April 8. No special skills are required, just a will to help. Training and tools will be provided, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can do to encourage children to appreciate the world around them.

Please contact John by calling 646-0643 or by email at