Park News: December 1998 Special Holiday Edition

Capital Planning for the Park

In the Capital Plan presented to Town Meeting in April, the first appropriation for Menotomy Rocks Park is $200,000 in the budget for 2002. More recently, the Parks and Recreation Commission asked that this request be delayed until 2004 so that there would be more money available for renovating playing fields. In November, FMRP President Clarissa Rowe and board member Patricia Thomas met with a Capital Planning subcommittee to suggest that it would make sense to invest smaller sums in the park at an earlier date. High priority work includes grading and repair of paths around the pond, which would make walking easier and help protect water quality. The Capital Planning group continues meeting through February to consider all requests, and will make their recommendations just prior to Aprils Town Meeting.

More tests for Hills Pond

In November, John Pickles tests found evidence of fecal coliform bacteria in the pond and wetland. More extensive tests are going to be conducted by an independent testing company engaged by Richard Bento, head of the Public Works Department. Information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Big donors to the Park

The Fields Pond Foundation, a stalwart supporter of FoMRP activities, recently donated $500.00 toward trail improvements in the park. A new source of corporate support is Arkwright of Waltham, which matched MaryAnna Foskett’s contribution toward a memorial bench in memory of her parents, William and Dorothy Day. The location of the new bench will be determined as part of a master plan for bench sites that will soon be presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission for their approval. It will look like the bench already in place near the playground. If you have ideas about good bench locations, please contact MaryAnna or Clarissa Rowe.

Annual Membership Drive Underway

If you would like to joint FoMRP but did not receive a letter at home, contact us at the above address or on the web at Lower-cost membership is now available to seniors.

Campfires on the paths

Every December, Arlington High School students learn basic survival skills, including fire building, in the park. This accounts for the burned spots on the road through the woods.