Hills pond in Menotomy Rocks Park will be chemically treated with a USEPA/MA registered aquatic herbicides/algaecides on Tuesday, May 29th to control non-native growth of curlyleaf pondweed (Potamogeton crispus).  Hills Pond will be closed to all water uses, (including, swimming, fishing and boating) on the day of treatment.  These uses may resume on Friday morning, May 30th.   Use of the pond water for irrigation (watering lawns, gardens or plants of any kind) is prohibited for 3 days post treatment.  Use of the pond water for drinking and watering livestock (i.e.; cattle, horses, etc.) is also prohibited for 3 days following the day of treatment. Printed posters warning of these temporary water use restrictions, will be posted around the lake shoreline in advance of treatment.  This work at Hills Pond is being performed for The Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park, pursuant to a License to Apply Chemicals from MA DEP (#12046) and an Order of Conditions (#91-152) permit from the Arlington Conservation Commission.  The work is being performed by the state licensed firm, Aquatic Control Technology, Inc., of Sutton.