Spooky Walk 2014

Spooky Walk 2014!

Saturday, October 25, at dark (approx 6:30pm)

Spooooky Walk is coming! When darkness descends on Saturday October 25, put the kids in the costumes and head over to Menotomy Rocks Park. You’ll see spine-tingling stations along the candle-lit path around the pond, and   finish up with donuts on the Jason Street field. Entrance will be at the Jason Street gate, and please bring a flashlight.

If you want to exorcise your creative spirit and set up a spooky, but family-friendly area, please let us know. The more spooky areas, the more fun the event. Be as bare bones or elaborate as you want. Set up time starts at 3:00 that afternoon.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Carol Band (band_carol@hotmail.com) or Judy Weinberg (judylynnweinberg@gmail.com).