Park News: Winter 2008 / 2009


Remaining renovation work to the pond and field pathways was finished by the contractor in June. In addition the rear field was mowed, raked, fertilized and seeded. In early July, the Arlington Tree Department cut down a number of dead and hazardous trees in the woodland area prior to the summer children’s programs held in the Park. Our gratitude is extended to the Arlington Department of Public Works for their speedy repair of a park bench which was set on fire by vandals late on a Saturday night in mid-October – and for keeping the pond lighting in good order for the winter skating season.


Hill’s Pond was treated for algae and invasive pond weeds in May. Despite problems with the aerator pump, the pond remained fairly clear of weeds and algae during the summer. The four aerators were restarted in the early fall after the misbehaving pump was replaced.


Work continued from spring through fall to control the spread of invasive plants and trees in the Park in our ongoing effort to preserve the beauty and diversity of the Park’s woods and pond areas. Projects included pulling garlic mustard in April and May from the gulley area before it seeded; removing buckthorn, multiflora rose, burning bush and oriental bittersweet from the pond area; removing Norway maple saplings from the Devil’s Den area and the Shawnee Road entrance and planting some new trees and shrubs in the cleared areas.

The Friends wish to thank Marge Bean, Justine Block, Eliza Burden, Melissa Carr, Dana Cooperson, Barbara Costa, Ted, Anne, Matthew & Emma DeCourcey, Becky Edmondson, MaryAnna Foskett, Bill & Peggy Gardiner, Richard Goldberg, Erica Heffer, Andy James, Tom Ladenburg, Jean & Al Lokensgard, Biff Maier, Liz Reisberg, Clarissa Rowe, Greg Ruccio, Ted Siegan, Mustafa Varoglu, Dorothy Vieweg and Don Vieweg for their enthusiastic assistance. The volunteers who wielded weed wrenches & loppers during one of the rainiest weekends of a rainy summer are given special commendation! Our thanks, too, to the volunteers who assisted in making a spring Dallin School outing to the Park an opportunity to learn about nature.


Congratulations to the hard-working neighborhood volunteers who produced another exciting SPOOKY WALK this year. FoMRP is proud to support this community effort – an eerie after-sundown pond-side spectacle enjoyed by kids and adults alike! The July 27th

The SHAKESPEARE production, “Much Ado about Nothing”, was rained out but performed on schedule to an appreciative audience at the Arlington Center for the Arts indoor stage.


Because of many competing claims on her time, the founder of the Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park, Clarissa Rowe, resigned from her position as president of the Friends in October. It would be hard to describe how much time, talent and devotion Clarissa has dedicated to the Park. The recently completed Park renovation might be said to be the capstone of her hard work and perseverance. Suffice it to say that we are glad she will be continuing to make more contributions in her new position as a director on the Board. Vice President Judy Weinberg has assumed the duties of president of the Board. Please let Judy know your concerns and suggestions.


Please consider joining the Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park to help us keep the Park a wonderful place for all to enjoy. See our website for dues information – or send $15 (individual dues) to: FoMRP, 350 Mass. Ave. #161, Arlington, MA 02474-6713. You can also order our new t-shirts and other items at our web-store. Thanks to all who checked out our booth on Town Day, asked questions about the Park or purchased some of our parkrelated items.