Park News: Spring 2006

Cleanup Days

Please join us from 9:30 to noon the last Saturday of each month through October for park cleanup. We’ll be pulling out invasive plants, picking up trash, pruning, and weeding. Wear sturdy gloves and old clothes and bring loppers, shears, a garden saw, shovel, or rake. (Rain dates: following Sundays)
Pond Treatment

As we have done for the last few years, the Friends are paying for treatments to control the algae in Hills Pond. Aquatic Control Technology applies a combination of Reward (diquat) herbicide and Captain (copper) algaecide. These same treatments are used in drinking water supplies and are the best balance we can find of effectiveness and low toxicity at an affordable price.

Capital Improvements

At last! All the funding is lined up for path regrading, field repair, stilling-basin dredging and pond aerators. The fence running inside the park along the path by the Jason Street entrance will be repaired, and the manhole cover areas regraded. Actual work should begin next spring, and we expect the park to stay open during construction. Leslie Mayer of the Parks and Recreation Committee has been a steady supporter of this project through several years, and the Friends are grateful. As the project progresses, we’ll post updates on

Aerial Photos

One highlight of Earth Day 2006 at the Park was the aerial photography provided by Derick and Nancy Veliz. More photos are posted on our web site.

Picture Posts

Our online picture post galleries now chronicle almost a full year in the park. Keep taking those photos. Information about how to submit your pictures, including a naming convention, can be found at For more details, please contact John Pickle at

Wildlife Observations

Our nesting pair of Canada geese are down to one gosling from their original seven, and we’re rooting for it. At Hills Pond we had male bass guarding their nests and ramming all intruders. (“Bass torpedo” was one description we ran across.) This only goes on for a few days, and it’s worth looking out for. Park birdwatchers have spotted a family of screech owls in the woods. Seen anything interesting? You can send us an email through our web site.
Reminders to Park Users

  • Fishers: Please be sure to collect all of your hooks and line when you’re finished.
  • Dog walkers: Be responsible. Pick up after your dog and be sensitive to other park users.
  • Picnickers: Cars are not allowed in the park. Carrying the ice chest is good exercise.