Park News: June/July 1999 End of School Edition

New Board Members announced at Annual Meeting

The FoMRP Annual Meeting and Picnic took place on the afternoon of Sunday, May 16. Members and curiosity seekers gathered for the brief business session, then enjoyed the sunshine and the music of flautist Jill Dreeben, purchased tee-shirts and other goodies, and dined on the grass. The three new faces on the board are Arlington residents Denise Long, John Pickle, and Rachael Sokolowski. Terms were renewed for Sybil Carey, Don Mattheisen, Ben Reeve, and Ted Siegan. Outgoing board members Judy Krulewitz and Greg Blass were thanked for their many contributions to the park — Judy as past treasurer; Greg as construction leader for the Jason Street bulletin board and the new playground.

Pond Wall Repair

In April, the FoMRP board voted to contribute up to $12,000 to rebuilding the unsafe and crumbling pond wall. Director of Public Works Richard Bento will come up with the remaining funds. The Conservation Commission has approved the emergency repair of the wall, and a Conservation and Park & Recreation Commission decision is pending. If all goes well, construction will begin in early Fall. Until then, please be careful near the wall!

Memorial Benches

At its June 3 meeting, the Park & Recreation Commission approved 12 sites for memorial benches in the park; two in existing locations and 10 in new spots. Three benches have already been funded by donations, and they should be installed this Summer. For information about how to donate a bench, please contact MaryAnna Foskett (646-5882).

Bulletin Board Postings

A recent message concerning “censorship” on park bulletin boards suggests that clarification is needed. The boards give park users a convenient way to communicate about events of interest, lost-and-found objects, etc. They were never intended to be display spaces for commercial advertisements. Park neighbors have asked FoMRP to make sure that the bulletin boards do not become unsightly. With this in mind, the boards are groomed weekly to remove commercial messages, outdated event notices, and loosely attached materials.

Summer Reminder for Dog Owners

People are streaming into the park as the weather grows warmer, and dog owners are reminded that Arlingtons leash and pooper scooper laws, as well as the rules of common courtesy, apply to all dog owners. Please be especially vigilant in the vicinity of the pond; if your dog takes a dip, please dont let him shake on others.