MRP Picture Post featured in earthzine

One Picture Post is Worth A Thousand Pictures: OR How Can Outdoor Digital Photographers Become Citizen Scientists Who Participate in Environmental Monitoring:

Take a walk. Bring your digital camera. Take nine pictures (8 land-based and one of the sky) from a Picture Post, upload them to our Picture Post website (, a digital photography environmental science community and you will receive thousands of digital photographs in return. The Picture Post environmental monitoring project is a citizen science initiative funded by NASA to create opportunities for informal and formal science educators and the community-at-large to collaborate by sharing digital photographs from Picture Post sites.


John Pickle at Concord Academy and his fellow environmental observers devised the picture post concept as a way to create a standardized record of the environment in Menotomy Rocks Park in Arlington, Massachusetts. He was inspired to create the original Picture Post in April 2005 by listening to elderly people describe how the landscape had changed over their lifetimes, and his desire to build a visual record of the park.

John is a longtime board member of the Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park. Congratulations, John!

(More information on MRP’s Picture Posts can be found here.)